The image of Dora Mojzes' graduate collection encapsulates the Y.LD concept perfectly: dark futuristic clothing with spark.

Even though this is a very young talent, her creativity has been carefully tended for a long time.

Growing up in a world infused with art and design in post-communist Hungary with an artist/designer mother and architect father, young Dora found that ideas and designs flowed from her fingertips. Design has been her calling since first she can remember.

In the creative process she filters the designs that spring from her mind through the dark aesthetic of Industrial Metal bands such as Tool and NIN, influences that thread a dark path through her work. 

Now based in LA she lets the sun-drenched darkness of the City of Angels drive her creativity. Symbols have become the international language of fashion and the elaborate design of her prints is key in her pieces. The move to the New World has also brought forth a wicked collection of bags, clutches and rucksacks.