Italo Marseglia - Demigod of Demicouture




Forget couture.

The time of demicouture has come.

Whereas these days couturiers struggle to keep designers for even a single season and worry about the safety of their designs to meet their bottom line, artisanal demicouturiers like Italo Marseglia are free to create excitement.

The difference lies in the personal attention to detail. Working directly with his handpicked team of local artisans, each piece is individually crafted under the direct guidance of the artist-designer himself. The same luxurious fabrics and painstaking techniques and time honoured traditions of the couture house are used.

Talent is rare. Inspiration even more so. The two combined? Now that is extremely rare, indeed.

Born among the rich passions of Southern Italy and trained and based in Rome, Italo's aesthetic is delightfully personal, his taste for luxury synonymous with the best of Made in Italy.

Italo's work is always intriguing.

Start with a glance. Then have a look. Now do a double take as you realize that the brushstrokes of the designer have taken rectangles and squares and mathematical formulae to magically mould them around the human figure in the most astonishing and sinuous shapes.

The deceptive geometric simplicity transforms into alluring drapery.