Mads Dinesen - The Magical and The Tangible

Drawing Inspiration from the Spiritual

Mads Dinesen is the alchemist of our times. He is the artist who can see the intellectual vapor that surrounds us all and crystalize it into garment form.



Just like the protective semamori decorations on the back of children's kimonos in Japan, Mads uses labels in a talismanic way. The effect is entrancing. The power of the symbols have a mnemonic effect and speak to us in the subliminal.



The mythical and religious rise up through the legends which are reborn in his clothes. They are the medium through which we are bound to the origins of our sense of self at the foot of the tree of knowledge. Tribal influences suffuse his fabrics whose textures speak of a handwoven tradition.



He is the ascetic, the hermit, the oracle. With his cropped hair and slender frame robed in black and adorned with religious and iconic symbols he reminds one of a monk. One who is closer to something bigger, one who can see what we cannot and reveals his prophecy through the story of his collections.